Smoked sausage products

Traditionally, this kind of sausage is made by using butcher shop leftovers, which are mixed with herbs, spices and salt. Subsequently, the ‘rookworst’ is dried and then smoked, which gives the product its name (which translates as 'smoked sausage').

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Chilled smoked sausage (rookworst)

Chilled smoked sausage (rookworst)

This smoked sausage is a traditional Dutch product and is made according to a long-established butcher's recipe, whereby the ground meat is combined with spices, salt and is stuffed into a casing. The casing of this kind of smoked sausage is in general hard and crispy in flavor, which is highly valued by connoisseurs.


The smoked sausage presumably originated in the Dutch province of Gelderland, after which regional varieties were also developed. In order to preserve the product, it was smoked after cooking, which is how the product got its name rookworst is Dutch for 'smoked sausage'.

This product at Compaxo

At Compaxo, the chilled smoked sausage is still made by hand according to traditional methods. Before being eaten, the sausage should be cooked at home. The smoke, which is released by the beechwood chips during the smoking process, is absorbed by the sausage, and can be distinctively tasted in the product.


Compaxo offers this sausage both with a coarse and fine texture.

Recommendations and facts

The reason smoked sausage is often associated with stamppot (literally 'mash pot', a traditional Dutch dish), is because smoked sausage is traditionally cooked in this dish. The smoked sausage is placed into a pan which already contains the smoked sausage, and is then cooked there for approximately 25 minutes. The smoked sausage absorbs the flavor of the smoked sausage, which makes for a unique taste experience.

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