Raw products

The name 'raw meat products' is somewhat debatable, because it is not the case that the products are fresh or unprocessed. The meat has been processed in a way that dates back to the stone age. The butchers at the time rubbed the meat with salt which...

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Streaky bacon

Streaky bacon

This is a product with a salty taste and soft texture. Streaky bacon is a popular addition to a hearty breakfast, and in many countries is referred to as 'breakfast bacon;. It may also be cut into cubes or strips in order to be used in traditional Dutch stamppot dish or salads.


Streaky bacon comes from the boned pork belly of the animal. Pigs hardly use this part, and it is therefore 'lazy muscle', which explains the tender taste and fatty structure of the meat.

This product at Compaxo

The production of streaky bacon always requires salting, but apart from that we believe that this type of product should remain as natural as possible. For this reason, we choose to limit the amount of additives we use in our process.


We can offer streaky bacon in a variety of shapes and sizes. The belly can be delivered rolled and unrolled. We can cut the product into slices, strips or cubes.

Recommendations and facts

The average consumer may be slightly confused as to the difference between streaky bacon and other kinds of bacon. The difference is that streaky bacon is fattier and has a more tender taste than other kinds of bacon.

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