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We created this category because these products are unique and don't really fit into our other categories. However, we still want to be active in these areas, as this group contains products which take up a large place in the Dutch market, and even worldwide.

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Filet americain

Filet americain

Filet americain is a variety of steak tartare made from raw, finely-ground beef, which is mixed with sauce and is thus used as a spread. The sauce is an important ingredient in terms of the filet americain flavor, and may vary between recipes. It is popular as a sandwich spread, or as a party snack on toast. This product is often eaten in this way in particular in the Benelux.


There are many stories circulating which try to explain the origin of the name 'filet americain'. Though this name might lead you to believe otherwise, filet americain is unlikely to be an American product, knowing that finely-ground raw meat served in this way is in no way popular in America. The recipe would have already existed in terms of finely-ground tartare, but would only take on its current form after a specific sauce was brought over to Europe by Americans.

This product at Compaxo

For our filet americain, we select beef which originates from a single country, in order to ensure a constant and high-quality taste. We process it as it should be processed, namely creamy and fresh. We do not keep any of this product in storage, and deliver it immediately after production.


We can offer filet americain in flavor varieties such as, for example, pesto, piri-piri, pepper and egg. We can deliver the onions within the same packaging in a separate compartment. We can also deliver filet americain in bulk packaging for catering firms or in a piping bag. Additionally, we can also offer frozen filet americain.

Recommendations and facts

The difference between filet americain and steak tartare is that sauce is added to filet americain.

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