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Although we do not currently offer a huge variety of barbecue products in a general sense of the term, our barbecue sausage is a relatively great seller in the barbecue product category.

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Breakfast sausage

Breakfast sausage

Compaxo's breakfast sausage is already cooked through. This sausage is intended to be eaten with a large and hearty breakfast or brunch, and thus to be heated in the oven or in a skillet. We often see comparable sausages at buffet breakfasts in hotels. We consider this sausage to be related to the barbecue sausage, and can therefore also be prepared on a barbecue. The sausage has a hearty flavor and tastes great when combined with a fried egg, baked beans and bacon.


The breakfast sausage is a trend that crossed the channel from Great Britain, and in addition to bacon and eggs is an important part of the traditional full English breakfast. The product is composed of several parts of meat.

This product at Compaxo

Our standard breakfast sausage that we currently make has an unrefrigerated shelf life of approximately 2 months. We fully cook our breakfast sausage. This means the consumer only has to cook the sausage in a frying pan until it is warm and crispy. Because the breakfast sausage is a component of a full English breakfast, we have intentionally formed it to be smaller than the barbecue sausage.


We can create different varieties based on our breakfast sausage, and also make it in flavor varieties comparable to those of the barbecue sausage. There is even the option of a breakfast sausage into which fried egg and bacon have been mixed, giving you a full English breakfast in sausage form!

Recommendations and facts

Serve this sausage on a Sunday morning or during brunch in a buffet tray, and experience the feeling of a breakfast after spending the night in a hotel in your own home! Or why not go all the way and combine it with our British back bacon?.

The above mentioned examples are just to give you an impression of what we are able to. Are you looking for something else? Feel free yo discuss this with us and ask for the possibilities.
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