Manufacturing process - Production at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.


On arrival, the fresh meat is immediately prepared in our butchery department for the production of our meat products. Our management deliberately decided that no premixed spice blends would be used, and that we would instead blend herbs and spices to create our own blends in our spice room. This allows us to create our own unique flavor experience and to distinguish ourselves.

The recipes for our meat products are kept secret. This means that a small group of specialists focuses on devising, developing and maintaining our fine meat products and countless varieties of them. However, this does not mean that there is any secrecy in terms of the raw materials used. All ingredients are known to the quality department.

Although Compaxo makes a lot of intensive use of modern machines in its processes, the company's management ensures that the element of craftsmanship remains. During production, value is constantly being added in terms of preservation, taste, quality, sliceability, and shaping. You can request Compaxo to make certain products in various shapes, sizes and special flavor variants. To give you some ideas in this regard, please follow the link to product shape.


Around the turn of the millennium, Compaxo acquired the revolutionary co-extrusion method, which allowed us to achieve a high level of quality and maintain a constant aroma and flavor experience in relation to various types of cooked sausage, smoked sausage and dried sausage varieties. The shelf life of products could also be increased in this manner, due to the extreme level of hygiene.

By means of our large number of climatic chambers, we know how to condition our products such that we stimulate a unique maturation process for our preserved products.

Smoking is an important traditional process which a number of our products undergo. We thus achieve an extra flavor experience for our products and improve the preservation thereof. In addition to a traditional smoking process, we also offer the option of preparing products via modern, fluid smoking techniques. This is a sustainable and healthier method in which the smoke is caught by water. Fluid smoke is a natural product in which water indissoluble parts like tar and other byproducts will be knocked down and removed by filtration which results in a 'cleaner' process. The emission of fluid smoke 70-80% lower in comparison with traditional smoke and so on an environment-friendly innovation.

Other techniques which we use for processing meat products are baking, roasting, cooking, grilling, drying, salting and steaming.

In relation to the layout of the factory, we are constantly occupied with improvements in which we always take hygiene, safety and efficiency into consideration. The use of stainless steel in the manufacturing of machines and for furnishing the interior also carry high priority for us.