Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.

Health and well-being:

At Compaxo, we believe that the IFS food standard should be the quality norm to be achieved. We have such a high level of confidence in our own hygiene policy that we have agreed to the IFS unannounced food checks. This entails the possibility that an inspector may arrive at any moment on any day to check that we are fulfilling IFS norms. Investing and improving the hygiene policy is a high priority for us. Recently, our personnel received additional training in hygiene via an e-learning module. The fact that we partially check the quality of our products and raw materials on location in our own laboratory makes us extremely flexible because we can make a change if the results are not up to scratch. We try to collaborate with our clients when it comes to thinking up ways of making our products healthier by reducing salt, E-numbers and allergens. A great example of this is the satay meatloaf without peanut allergens which we developed.

Animal welfare:

Because meat supplier Compaxo Vlees B.V. in Zevenaar is part of our company, we can for a large part directly monitor whether animal welfare is being respected. Zevenaar takes this into account by means of various measures. First of all, only certified cattle transporters are used. In addition, we work closely with Eyes on Animals, an organization which supervises the well-being of animals. Compaxo values tips and advice which this organization gives in order to make pigs as comfortable as possible, and follows this advice wherever possible. Compaxo only slaughters pigs which have been bred and raised in the Netherlands by IKB-certified farmers. We keep a close eye on developments in the field of sedation for slaughter, and compare these with the current sedation method in order to see whether we can improve animal welfare any more in this regard. Compaxo carries out many checks for animal welfare and implements improvements where necessary.

All employees who work with living animals have SVO diplomas. In addition, Compaxo employs the services of two animal welfare officers who were educated at the University of Bristol. Compaxo operates camera surveillance in the barns and unloading point. Furthermore, the Gouda location is SKAL and Beter Leven certified.


Climate and environment:

Whenever we invest in anything new, we always search for the methods with the least environmental impact. For example, heat recovery installations on the cooling installations. In terms of equipment in the factory interior, Compaxo is also working on environmentally friendly solutions. For example, we have invested a lot in LED lighting, which is more environmentally friendly than the fluorescent lighting we used in the past. This lighting switches itself on/off on the basis of motion sensors, which means that the lighting is never unnecessarily on when personnel is not present. We regularly choose automatic fast-closing doors, and the ceiling was recently boarded up with stainless steel insulating material. This ensures both better insulation and less energy used by cooling systems. Previously, Freon was used for the refrigerators, a material which appeared to contribute to the greenhouse effect. This has now been completely replaced by more environmentally friendly refrigerants, and partially by a sustainable ammonia installation. The amount of ammonia is of such a low level that it does not pose a direct danger for the environment. Because Compaxo has its own water purification facility, approximately 85% of all water used is internally purified and then discharged to the municipal drains. Via affiliation with the RVO, Compaxo takes part in the MJA3 agreement and has satisfactorily fulfilled its obligations. Use is made of an energy efficiency plan. In terms of waste processing, approximately 20 waste flows are separately collected.

Via the agreement with the waste fund, Compaxo collaborates on improving sustainability in terms of packaging material. As a result, all card and paper labels carry the FSC quality mark. We are able to provide a large proportion of the plastic packaging material which we use with a plastic hero logo. Our packaging is PVC/PVDC free. PVC/PVDC was previously used as an airtight barrier, but emits poisonous substances when recycled. We use an EVOH material, which is an environmentally-friendly alternative. In terms of packaging advice to the client, Compaxo tries to emphasize sustainability. We are constantly searching for the limits of how thin film can be, without this being detrimental to the user-friendliness and preservation of the product.

A good example of a creative solution for satisfying the environmental license is in terms of offering group transport for our employees. Previously, our employees were a bit of a nuisance to nearby residents due to the amount of vehicles they were parking, which caused a bit of a disturbance in the morning. Compaxo solved this by setting up a bus service for employees from the Rotterdam region. In addition, this solution brought secondary work benefits for the employees, and moreover is an environmentally-friendly solution because this group then travels to work less via individual cars. On account of Compaxo having its own fleet of trucks, this ensures more emphasis on efficient distribution. By means of track & tracing systems, we hope to reduce the amount of kilometers traveled and therefore the amount of petrol used.

Social responsibility:

The Compaxo company pays attention to working conditions and health & safety on the shop floor. The staff is trained and educated, with a focus on first aid and promoting safe and hygienic working. In addition, there is a physiotherapist available for supporting and treating employees. The employee association is responsible for various staff outings, which staff can take part in. There is also a workplace branch (bedrijfsledengroep - BLG) appointed within Compaxo, which looks after the interests of the workers, especially in terms of working conditions and working environment. Within Compaxo, we stimulate our employees' internal career opportunities. For this reason, we have set up the foreman-in-training course, in order to guide talented people to become leaders. Another example is the provision of internal MBO (intermediate vocational education) courses for our promising employees, from an established educational institute within the meat products industry: SVO Food. At Compaxo, we have a large amount of ethnic diversity and employ a large number of different nationalities. In this respect, Compaxo is a company that works with employees who are a good reflection of society. Together with the municipality, we look for opportunities to employ unemployed young people and people over the age of 56. Under the sheltered employment program, we try to get people working throughout the year. Where these people can be kept working via the sheltered employment program in the summer in green-collar jobs, we often have a spike in and need for extra personnel during the winter. We offer our personnel first aid training which is focused on Compaxo, and this is part of the reason we have enough first aiders on the shop floor in order to increase safety. At Compaxo, we have our own company doctor to whom all employees have access to at all times. The doctor can also guide them through alternative routes during sickness and reintegration.